How to become a fearless human being.

I once met a completely fearless person. Just kidding. Never have I met someone without even one fear. That’s okay, as long as the fear or fears are not holding you back to do the things we love. Everyone has them. But is there a way to overcome these fears?

These fears are holding us back from achieving our dreams. Our fears will haunt us forever and hold us back. So just get over it, would seem the best option. But it’s not as simple as it sounds. Fear can have such a big influence on our life and sometimes hold a person back from being completely themselves.

Here comes the disappointing news, there is no magic recipe (or at least not that I know of) to get over your fears instantly. It is a journey. Here are some of the things I’ve learned from personal experiences and some tips for you to deal with fear, to face it and to deal with the failure that sometimes comes with trying to overcome your fear

  • Take some baby steps out of your Comfort Zone to get to know your fear – Get those experiences, girl!

For instance, when I got a vacation job in the care, I was absolutely terrified to go to work. Instead of just throwing yourself in there (which you can totally do, but may lead to traumatic or stressful situations….uhm yeah) , just maybe try similar jobs that can be a little less intense, but are similar to it. Or do some more research on what you are going to do, so you can kind of prepare. This way you learn the skills or get the knowledge that will be helpful to face your fear a little more.

  • Detox the mind – It’s all in your mind.

Try to not think about it as much as you are right now, by thinking a lot about it, you’re unconsciously making a really big deal out of it. Because you are “feeding” your fear, it keeps growing and growing. Makes sense? So, try to relax a bit ( I know it’s hard and cheesy, but really try it!!). This way you can stress less about it and make the whole situation way more relaxed and at ease.

  • A positive attitude is half the work – Prepare yourself mentally.

It is really important to stay positive throughout the process of getting over your fear(s). Know that you are probably going to mess up a million times or going to have to ask people for advice. Just keep faith, stay positive, believe in yourself. You can overcome this. You are strong. You can do this

  • Just go for it – A leap of faith.

You can keep going back and forth your whole life, so just get it out of the way. Just get over with it. How faster the more easy it will be. Or it may not be easy, but still do it anyway! Take back your power and energy, don’t let this get to you.

  • It is just a fear, just an experience – Laugh failure off.

During the journey of overcoming your fear, you may experience some little or real big failures, but that’s okay. At the end of the day it’s all just an experience that is not going to last forever. And remember: everyone has and had to start somewhere. Don’t even get me started on how clumsy I can be sometimes ( maybe a lot of times….sstt). Really, it’s okay. Just make a little joke about it. Talk to your parents, family, friends or colleagues about it: “I was really nervous and accidently messed it completely up, it was so stupid, but it’s okay I am human.” I have a lot of little and big stupid things I’ve done or experienced and it really is completely okay.

  • Acknowledge your strength! – Be proud of yourself and your accomplishments. 

Wow, you are finally going to do it or you’ve finally done it! Be proud of yourself, even if your messed up really bad or if you’re still a bit scared. It’s progress. You are there or getting there!

  • Seek guidance.

If you still feel like your not getting over your fear and it has a serious impact on your life, then make sure to talk about it with your surroundings. Look further into the places you can seek guidance and knowledge. Talk to someone who’s actually educated on the matter of your fear.

Good luck, You can do it!

Have a blessed week.

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