How to become a fearless human being.

I once met a completely fearless person. Just kidding. Never have I met someone without even one fear. That’s okay, as long as the fear or fears are not holding you back to do the things we love. Everyone has them. But is there a way to overcome these fears?

These fears are holding us back from achieving our dreams. Our fears will haunt us forever and hold us back. So just get over it, would seem the best option. But it’s not as simple as it sounds. Fear can have such a big influence on our life and sometimes hold a person back from being completely themselves.

Here comes the disappointing news, there is no magic recipe (or at least not that I know of) to get over your fears instantly. It is a journey. Here are some of the things I’ve learned from personal experiences and some tips for you to deal with fear, to face it and to deal with the failure that sometimes comes with trying to overcome your fear

  • Take some baby steps out of your Comfort Zone to get to know your fear – Get those experiences, girl!

For instance, when I got a vacation job in the care, I was absolutely terrified to go to work. Instead of just throwing yourself in there (which you can totally do, but may lead to traumatic or stressful situations….uhm yeah) , just maybe try similar jobs that can be a little less intense, but are similar to it. Or do some more research on what you are going to do, so you can kind of prepare. This way you learn the skills or get the knowledge that will be helpful to face your fear a little more.

  • Detox the mind – It’s all in your mind.

Try to not think about it as much as you are right now, by thinking a lot about it, you’re unconsciously making a really big deal out of it. Because you are “feeding” your fear, it keeps growing and growing. Makes sense? So, try to relax a bit ( I know it’s hard and cheesy, but really try it!!). This way you can stress less about it and make the whole situation way more relaxed and at ease.

  • A positive attitude is half the work – Prepare yourself mentally.

It is really important to stay positive throughout the process of getting over your fear(s). Know that you are probably going to mess up a million times or going to have to ask people for advice. Just keep faith, stay positive, believe in yourself. You can overcome this. You are strong. You can do this

  • Just go for it – A leap of faith.

You can keep going back and forth your whole life, so just get it out of the way. Just get over with it. How faster the more easy it will be. Or it may not be easy, but still do it anyway! Take back your power and energy, don’t let this get to you.

  • It is just a fear, just an experience – Laugh failure off.

During the journey of overcoming your fear, you may experience some little or real big failures, but that’s okay. At the end of the day it’s all just an experience that is not going to last forever. And remember: everyone has and had to start somewhere. Don’t even get me started on how clumsy I can be sometimes ( maybe a lot of times….sstt). Really, it’s okay. Just make a little joke about it. Talk to your parents, family, friends or colleagues about it: “I was really nervous and accidently messed it completely up, it was so stupid, but it’s okay I am human.” I have a lot of little and big stupid things I’ve done or experienced and it really is completely okay.

  • Acknowledge your strength! – Be proud of yourself and your accomplishments. 

Wow, you are finally going to do it or you’ve finally done it! Be proud of yourself, even if your messed up really bad or if you’re still a bit scared. It’s progress. You are there or getting there!

  • Seek guidance.

If you still feel like your not getting over your fear and it has a serious impact on your life, then make sure to talk about it with your surroundings. Look further into the places you can seek guidance and knowledge. Talk to someone who’s actually educated on the matter of your fear.

Good luck, You can do it!

Have a blessed week.

Why do we care so much?

Why do we care so much? It’s a question that I ask myself alot. Why do we care for the opinions of others? And how can we stop caring so much. Caring is mostly seen as something beautiful and positive. Something like this, I care for you, makes our little hearts melt away. But everyone underestimates the term ‘caring’. Caring too much or even to little can be very dangerous. How do we care just right enough?

The problem with caring for me, is mostly that I care about other people’s opinions. I admit it and I am not proud of it, but I think I am not the only one experiencing this feeling, especially with the pressure that social media puts on us.

It’s very frustrating and annoying, because caring so much about what others think of me or the way they see me, has a very negative effect on me and my life. It actually makes me hold back. It makes me think twice or more like a million times before I dress myself and walk out the door. It makes me experience this ridiculous amount of nerves and anxiety before presentations. It’s absolute BULLSHIT, but how do we make it stop. I wish I could tell you the secret to caring less(about things that really actually don’t matter), but unfortunately I don’t have an answer. The most import thing is to acknowledge this feeling, the feeling of caring too much. Stop and think about it and realise: “Wow, I am really caring way too much.” 

I don’t think caring is necessarily something bad, I think it’s sometimes very good. What would be a world in which no one would care for one single thing? We wouldn’t care about or for other people and our relationships with them, we wouldn’t care for ourselves, we would just become these isolated and depressed creatures (hmm aren’t we already becoming this).

There’s something really important we need to realise and that is that caring makes us human, it makes us people, it makes us even in some ways “normal”.

So please enjoy that rant and if you have any tips or opinions on this matter, let me know in the comments below!

The Art of Gratitude, Part 2: Everyday

As modern day people we have the tendency to mock about pretty much everything. The weather is terrible. This garden is so ugly. I hate going to school. These examples. It’s so easy to think in a negative and ungrateful manner. So how can you shift from thinking this way to being grateful and positive? And why do we need to think more positively and grateful?

Being grateful has a lot of benefits,but most important being grateful makes you realise. It makes you realise what you have and to enjoy the little things in life. Gratitude makes you realise how blessed you are to be in a certain position in your life, or certain people or experiences. Practicing gratitude has made me more positive and happy. It also makes it easier for you to manifest things and goals into your life. In another post more on manifesting.

So let’s take one of the previous examples. I hate going to school. So you don’t like to go to school, that’s obvious. Now try to think of this in a positive way. School is not available for every one so, you at least get the opportunity to go to school. See what I did there. By taking a step away from the negativity and self-pity and taking a look at the bigger picture. Why do I feel ungrateful for this? How would someone in a completely different place and less fortunate think or feel about this? 

Actually positive thinking and gratitude isn’t that hard. It’s all about consistency. Gratitude is something one should try to show as much as possible. Daily is the best. But how do you show gratitude? You can do this in a few ways. If you enjoy writing, starting a gratitude journal would be great. You write down a list of things, people, experiences etc. you are grateful for. Others might like to say the words out loud instead of writing them done. But I would highly recommend you to write your list of gratitude down and then reading out loud, I found this to be the most effective way. 

My goal with this post is to make you think and try or learn something learn. I want to inspire all of you and show the importance of positive thinking and gratitude. Oh, and remember if you decide to start a daily gratitude journal, that even though you miss a day just keep going.

That’s all for now. Talk to you later! Have a blessed day and week! Love, Kim.

The Magic of Gratitude, Part 1: My Experience

Gratitude. A word with a life changing meaning if u truly understand it. Gratitude has positively changed my life drastically. Today I would love to talk with you about my experience with gratitude.

Since I started practicing gratitude, I started noticing how negative most people are. Constantly mocking about the weather, homework and work. I noticed getting caught up in this very negative and ungrateful space. People bringing others down or just simply being mean to others. 

Then I stumbled on some youtube videos talking about the magic of gratitude and explaining why gratitude is so important. It all seems so spiritual and dreamy, but once you start to think about it, it makes sense. See, people who are negative always seem to be stuck and attract bad luck. While happy and positive people seem to have a big amount of good luck and a perfect life. That’s the secret of gratitude. Once one starts being truly grateful for what they have or maybe even not yet, the universe will start giving them more of that.

I started meeting more people and making more friends. I passed my tests and didn’t have do redo the school year, which was my biggest worry. I started becoming way less sad and just overall more happy and positive. Stress was almost immediately disappearing, I started overcoming a bit of my shyness and started becoming more confident and focused in life. 

So changing my attitude towards life and practicing gratitude, has changed me and my life. The more I started using gratitude, I noticed my life changing the way I wanted it. I don’t know if there’s a specific path made for every one of us, but I am sure we can attract anything into our lives, if we truly want or wish. As long as we’re just grateful and keep dreaming and putting these dreams out into the universe.  In the next parts of The Magic of Gratitude, I’ll teach you how to practice gratitude in your everyday life. Talk to you soon,

Love, Kim!

Challenge: Start a gratitude notebook and write down a list of 10 things you’re truly grateful for.

About following your dreams…

We all want certain things in life. Some of us would love to travel more. Some of us would love to make more time for family. And some of us just want to live or work in a better environment. But at the end of the day, we all have something in common. Something we are all searching for, but only few will accomplish. We want to feel happy and fulfilled with ourselves and our life.

We always find reasons to not do the things we really want to do or experiences we want to get. The modern life is crushing our dreams and wishes. Society is telling us we can’t and we will never feel happy, unless we work a nine to five job and buy all these things we “need in our life”.

The truth is actually that, over the years we have accepted that, we can’t do what we really desire. This because we probably aren’t good enough or don’t have enough time or money. This makes us never completely satisfied with our life. We will fill that void, that emptiness in our life with stuff. Buying the newest iPhone, the newest TV, the newest or most expensive car. Of course we don’t all do or buy these things. But for most of the modern day people that’s normal life. Get a nine to five job, get married, get 2.4 children and a dog. If you’re happy with that, feel free to click this blogpost away and I’m truly happy for you if that is what makes you happy. But that’s certainly not the way I want to live my life. With this blog I really want to encourage you to follow your dreams and desires.

Society is telling us we can’t and we will never feel happy, unless we work a nine to five job and buy all these things we “need in our life”.

Let’s stop making excuses and getting brainwashed by society, because we all are in/ some way. Let’s start making time for the things you love, but please don’t expect anything overnight. It takes some (hard) work to live, the life you want to live. It really is worth it. Start making baby steps everyday. If you spend 10 minutes of your day on something you would love to do more, you’re already way ahead of the people that stop dreaming and taking initiative. So in my blogposts I will encourage you to do what you love, to decide what you want to do with your life and feel the happiest you have ever been.

Challenge: take 5-10 minutes to brainstorm and write down all the things you would love to do (more).