About me!

Hi there! I’m a highschool student with way too many thoughts and interests. My blog is my way to relax. Writing allows me to put my thoughts to use for a bigger audience. I love writing and the people I get to connect with through my blog. My main goal is to inspire y’all to do the things in life you truly desire to and to make you think very deeply and ask yourself interesting questions.

You can expect some interesting posts about pretty much anything, like law of attraction, social media, climate change etc. You also get to follow me on my journey to become a better writer, because there’s still alot that I need to learn. Something I’m also spending alot of time on, is being as positive possible and to be grateful for every day. I hope to inspire you and spread some light into your life.

I’ve always loved writing and I would love to write a book or books some day. Hopefully we can encourage each other in this platform to follow our dreams and passions. Love you all and have a blessed day!

Love, Kim <3