Why do we care so much?

Why do we care so much? It’s a question that I ask myself alot. Why do we care for the opinions of others? And how can we stop caring so much. Caring is mostly seen as something beautiful and positive. Something like this, I care for you, makes our little hearts melt away. But everyone underestimates the term ‘caring’. Caring too much or even to little can be very dangerous. How do we care just right enough?

The problem with caring for me, is mostly that I care about other people’s opinions. I admit it and I am not proud of it, but I think I am not the only one experiencing this feeling, especially with the pressure that social media puts on us.

It’s very frustrating and annoying, because caring so much about what others think of me or the way they see me, has a very negative effect on me and my life. It actually makes me hold back. It makes me think twice or more like a million times before I dress myself and walk out the door. It makes me experience this ridiculous amount of nerves and anxiety before presentations. It’s absolute BULLSHIT, but how do we make it stop. I wish I could tell you the secret to caring less(about things that really actually don’t matter), but unfortunately I don’t have an answer. The most import thing is to acknowledge this feeling, the feeling of caring too much. Stop and think about it and realise: “Wow, I am really caring way too much.” 

I don’t think caring is necessarily something bad, I think it’s sometimes very good. What would be a world in which no one would care for one single thing? We wouldn’t care about or for other people and our relationships with them, we wouldn’t care for ourselves, we would just become these isolated and depressed creatures (hmm aren’t we already becoming this).

There’s something really important we need to realise and that is that caring makes us human, it makes us people, it makes us even in some ways “normal”.

So please enjoy that rant and if you have any tips or opinions on this matter, let me know in the comments below!

The Art of Gratitude, Part 2: Everyday

As modern day people we have the tendency to mock about pretty much everything. The weather is terrible. This garden is so ugly. I hate going to school. These examples. It’s so easy to think in a negative and ungrateful manner. So how can you shift from thinking this way to being grateful and positive? And why do we need to think more positively and grateful?

Being grateful has a lot of benefits,but most important being grateful makes you realise. It makes you realise what you have and to enjoy the little things in life. Gratitude makes you realise how blessed you are to be in a certain position in your life, or certain people or experiences. Practicing gratitude has made me more positive and happy. It also makes it easier for you to manifest things and goals into your life. In another post more on manifesting.

So let’s take one of the previous examples. I hate going to school. So you don’t like to go to school, that’s obvious. Now try to think of this in a positive way. School is not available for every one so, you at least get the opportunity to go to school. See what I did there. By taking a step away from the negativity and self-pity and taking a look at the bigger picture. Why do I feel ungrateful for this? How would someone in a completely different place and less fortunate think or feel about this? 

Actually positive thinking and gratitude isn’t that hard. It’s all about consistency. Gratitude is something one should try to show as much as possible. Daily is the best. But how do you show gratitude? You can do this in a few ways. If you enjoy writing, starting a gratitude journal would be great. You write down a list of things, people, experiences etc. you are grateful for. Others might like to say the words out loud instead of writing them done. But I would highly recommend you to write your list of gratitude down and then reading out loud, I found this to be the most effective way. 

My goal with this post is to make you think and try or learn something learn. I want to inspire all of you and show the importance of positive thinking and gratitude. Oh, and remember if you decide to start a daily gratitude journal, that even though you miss a day just keep going.

That’s all for now. Talk to you later! Have a blessed day and week! Love, Kim.