The Magic of Gratitude, Part 1: My Experience

Gratitude. A word with a life changing meaning if u truly understand it. Gratitude has positively changed my life drastically. Today I would love to talk with you about my experience with gratitude.

Since I started practicing gratitude, I started noticing how negative most people are. Constantly mocking about the weather, homework and work. I noticed getting caught up in this very negative and ungrateful space. People bringing others down or just simply being mean to others. 

Then I stumbled on some youtube videos talking about the magic of gratitude and explaining why gratitude is so important. It all seems so spiritual and dreamy, but once you start to think about it, it makes sense. See, people who are negative always seem to be stuck and attract bad luck. While happy and positive people seem to have a big amount of good luck and a perfect life. That’s the secret of gratitude. Once one starts being truly grateful for what they have or maybe even not yet, the universe will start giving them more of that.

I started meeting more people and making more friends. I passed my tests and didn’t have do redo the school year, which was my biggest worry. I started becoming way less sad and just overall more happy and positive. Stress was almost immediately disappearing, I started overcoming a bit of my shyness and started becoming more confident and focused in life. 

So changing my attitude towards life and practicing gratitude, has changed me and my life. The more I started using gratitude, I noticed my life changing the way I wanted it. I don’t know if there’s a specific path made for every one of us, but I am sure we can attract anything into our lives, if we truly want or wish. As long as we’re just grateful and keep dreaming and putting these dreams out into the universe.  In the next parts of The Magic of Gratitude, I’ll teach you how to practice gratitude in your everyday life. Talk to you soon,

Love, Kim!

Challenge: Start a gratitude notebook and write down a list of 10 things you’re truly grateful for.